ID: 30266

Representative of Multiparking Iberia in Catalonia


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KLAUS Multiparking GmbH www.multiparking.de is a leading manufacturer of intelligent parking systems, present in more than 65 countries. Multiparking parking systems optimize facilities in price, space and comfort.

Located in Barcelona (or nearby) and in direct dependence on general management and coordination with the head of the technical department, it will be responsible for:
Open new business channels in the Catalan market to Multiparking.
Expand the client portfolio.
Manage customers in your area.
Develop trade policies.
Technical advice to clients (optional, depending on the training of the selected person)
Negotiation of prices and conditions of sale with your clients.
Knowledge of the target market and competition, as well as detection of new market opportunities.
Participate with the Unit Director in defining the business strat.

Sortimente und Produkte

Construction:  Gardening, Measuring & control devices, building automation

Engineering:  Agricultural equipment, accessories, spare parts, Agricultural machines, accessories, spare parts, Automation engineering, Communication engineering, telecommunications, Conveyor technology, Electrical drive engineering, Electronic devices, electrical components, Elevators, lifts, Environmental engineering, Feed, seeds, Fibre-optic cabling and equipment, Fire Protection Engineering, Forestry equipment and technologies, accessories, spare parts, Garage and workshop equipment, gas and petrol station equipment, Grinding, sanding, abrading equipment, cleaning equipment, House automation, building system engineering, Installation engineering, Joining technologies, Light engineering, Machinery, Machinery, industrial equipment: Chemistry, Machinery, industrial equipment: Fittings, fixtures, mountings, Machinery, industrial equipment: Industrial devices, industrial equipment, Machinery, industrial equipment: Precision tools, measuring instruments, Machinery, industrial equipment: Pumps, compressors, Machinery, industrial equipment: Special tools, drills, milling cutter, Machinery, industrial equipment: Technical oils, greases, Plant engineering and construction, Power engineering, power transmission engineering, Power transmission engineering, drive technology, Supplier industry: Casted parts, Supplier industry: Forged parts, pressed parts, Supplier industry: Injection moulding, Supplier industry: Moulded parts from plastic, polymers, rubber, Supplier industry: Sheet metal, plates, profiles, Supplier industry: Springs, turned parts, milled parts, Supplier industry: Stamped and punched parts, drawn parts, bent components, Supplier industry: Steel, metal and/or plastic pipes, wires, and/or bars, Supplier industry: Technical textiles, technical fabrics, Switching devices, Vehicles: Aeroplanes, aircraft, equipment, accessories, Vehicles: Bicycle, motorcycle, bicycle equipment, spare parts, accessories, Vehicles: Motorized vehicles, motor vehicle equipment, Vehicles: Special vehicles, commercial vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, Vehicles: Water vehicles, boats, equipment, accessories, Ventilation, heat engineering, Warehousing and storage technology, Welding and cutting technique, Workplace safety, fire protection, security technology

Miscellaneous:  Advertising representatives, Animal trade representatives, Building and loan association representatives, Corporate consulting, Electricity trading, energy consulting, Export representatives, Financial services, insurance, Logistics, forwarding, hauling, transport, storage, Other specialties, Petrol and gas stations, Real estate agents, Sweepstakes, lottery, Tourism, Trade fairs, exhibitions, events, Waste disposal

Kundenkreise und Zielgruppen

Consumer market, End-consumer, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Specialised retail trade, Wholesale