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For the decoration sector - reforms sector without work


You would like to contact the manufacturer and apply for the agency offer? Then please verify now.

We are a company dedicated to customizable products for reforms without doing works, very interesting for hotels. Our product is of medium-high range. All our products are fireproof and anti-humidity, for exteriors, toilets, floors, kitchens, facades etc.

We offer sound absorbing paper products, pvc flooring, paper or pvc or aluminium walls, resin tiles etc.
If you are interested in representing our brand, we offer you all the necessary support to be a competitive representative with high expectations for the future.

We require:
Proven experience in the Decoration sector.
To be able to be with contacts in the Hotel sector, and Hospitality.

We offer:
Commission for sale.

You can see our products at www.migliorinodesign.com

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