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Sale of advertising space in print media aimed at university students


You would like to contact the manufacturer and apply for the agency offer? Then please verify now.

Do you have contacts with advertisers and / or media agencies? Do you like to sell advertising space? Get in contact with us!

We are looking for a freelance commercial, to help us sell advertising space to brands that target or have an interest in the young / university target.

From our company, Notebloc, we have exclusivity agreements with different universities in the Catalunya area to produce the official notebooks to take notes that these universitites deliver to their students at the beginning of the course. These 100% free notebooks for students and educational institutions contain advertising spaces inside, as well as product samples, from companies interested in reaching the eyes and hands of more than 150,000 students coinciding with "the return to the uni". Some of our clients are Nescafé, Vueling or Port Aventura.

It would be ideal if you, who are reading this offer, have a previous relationship and / or a client portfolio of possible buyers of these spaces. 

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Miscellaneous:  Advertising representatives

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Catalonia / Madrid Community